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November 21, 2017 3 min read

Does old age hinder sex life? Less sexually active? Low sex drive? Research shows that there is nothing unusual for people to stay sexually active throughout their life time. Most importantly, growing old does not mean the end of your sex life! Whether you are 50, 60, 70, or even up to a 100 years old, you are still capable of enjoying healthy and pleasurable sex.

If you want to try new things in the bedroom, check out these ways to spice up your sex life.

Know Your Limits

If you lack flexibility or have a weak heart, you might have to tone down activities. You can still incorporate elements of bondage and discipline with sensual bondage. Feathers, soft paddles, and comfortable restraints can add a hint of much-needed novelty to your sex life if you have spent far too long doing the same things.

Be careful if you bruise or bleed more easily as you age. Have your partner ease up and be sure to treat any injuries as soon as possible (ice for swelling and clean abrasions with soap and water before applying a bandage and antibiotic if necessary). BDSM aftercare is always necessary but becomes even more important when you are older.

Use Sex Toys, Lubricants

Many women enjoy vibrators, which provide the more intense stimulation that they require to get off. Using a toy can also be a boon to older couples who experience difficulty with erectile dysfunction (a dildo never goes soft) or ailments such as arthritis (give your fingers a break with a bullet vibe).

Another sexual aid that may become necessary but can also increase sensation and fun as you get older is lube. A woman's body tends to produce less natural lubrication as she ages or enters menopause due to the drop in estrogen levels, causing vaginal dryness. Give it a splash of lubricant! Lubes not only makes things slick and reduces pain, which enables people to have longer and better sex, cooling or warming sensation lubes can also be a lot of fun!

Try warming or cooling lubes to see which you like best. Test a bit on your inner wrist before using the lube for sex just in case you experience a reaction or find the sensation too intense. You can also find flavored lubes, which are great for oral sex. A good silicone lube can also double as a massage product if you like sensual massage as foreplay.

Make Time For Sex

When you have had sex with the same person for years, you probably have a routine. Right now, your routine might not include as much sex as either of you would like to be having. But because you are in this routine, or shall we call it a rut, you both think the other person is fine with it.

Scheduling a sex date, perhaps after an actual date, ensures that you make time to connect sexually. The anticipation knowing that you will have sex soon can be an aphrodisiac, too. Take advantage of those times when you have the most energy to have sex. Feel sexy, feel alive again. Reignite those sexy times, role play them and get the spark back.

Keeping your sex life fun means keeping your mind open to new experiences and making sure sex is a priority no matter how old you are.

"People that have sex live longer. Married people live longer. People need people. The more intimate the connection, the more powerful the effects."

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