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January 29, 2018 2 min read

Are you feeling stressed, anxious and tense? It might be time to try masturbation to shed those negative feelings and feel refreshed!

One reason that masturbation is such a great stress-reliever is that orgasm releases tension from your body. The chemicals released during masturbation and orgasm can also dull pain and make you feel more relaxed, one reason why some people find it to easy to fall asleep after orgasm or having sex. Masturbation is a good sleeping pill, with no side effects.

You can add to the feelings of relaxation by playing soothing music, lighting a candle or incense and dimming any lights that you have on while you pleasure yourself can also lend to a relaxed mood. Think of the ambiance when you step into a spa to get a massage and emulate that.

Masturbation doesn't come with the typical anxiety that you might experience before sex because you have no one to please. You don't have to shower or shave or prepare in any other way. Whenever you want to feel good or orgasm and you have a little privacy, you can go for it. There's something wonderfully selfish about masturbating.

Similarly, there's no right or wrong way to do it. You might be a woman who prefers her hand or a man who likes using a toy such as a stroker or Fleshlight. Vibrators, dildos, prostate stimulators and butt plugs can all heighten the masturbatory experience and make it easier for you to achieve orgasm, perhaps for the first time ever or more than once!

You can fantasize to your heart's desire, read some steamy erotica (or maybe write some yourself), or tune into your favorite porn flick if you want inspiration. There's nothing wrong with casual masturbation while your attention is elsewhere, either, and that may even make it easier for you to orgasm because you're not focusing so intently on the goal.

Who says that orgasm has to be your goal, to begin with? Perhaps you lazily stroke your clitoris or penis and see where it takes you. There's no pressure. Explore your body and every possible erogenous zone from genitals to ears to toes. You might be surprised how your body responds, and there's no one there to judge or rush you.

It's through masturbation that most people discover that desires and needs, and you can bring this information into a partnered setting. As a matter of fact, mutual masturbation is a great way to show a lover how you like to be touched. It can also be a stepping stone if you don't feel quite ready to jump into other sexual activities.

Relaxation is one of many perks of masturbation, and everyone has a right to experience it.

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